Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Freedom Means to different People and different facets of the society ?

Yesterday, we celebrated the 67th Republic Day of India, but have we ever tried to check what "Freedom" means to us, to different citizens from different castes, class and layers of the society ?

Well, the reporters from "Mint" have done this exercise and have shared a beautiful video on the same.

Happy to share it here, do check this out !!!

What Freedom Means to India - Courtesy - Mint

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trending Now is a new Change #Startup India

I am sure, we all have some day in our life been observing and commenting on Bosses, the kind of Job we do, the method of working, the timings, etc. everything tends to be irritating us sometimes and we often tell others and ourselves under such circumstances that, "If I would have been there in his or her place, I might have managed the problem well or I might have made the workplace a disciplined and still a fun to work place..." and many such things.

For All those who talk and believe in changing the workplace atmosphere, innovating it, making all the employees more efficient, running an employee friendly management to address their queries, stress and grievances, changing the working pattern and making the most out of 24 - Hour Day. To Summarize, those who believe in changing with the changing times and transforming the work culture from "Hard Work" to "Smart Work" you all have an opportunity in front of you !

Guess What, this time the Government is ready to help you in bringing about a change and put forth your perspective.

Yes,  trending on Various Social Media Platforms from Yesterday is the #StartUp India Action Plan !

Here are the Key Takeaways for all of us !

So, what are we waiting for ? Get ready and go for it #StartUp India 

#Changeforthebetter #ABetterIndia #ABetterWorld #Becauseitsus #TheChangeMakers 

Food For Thought on Sunday

#GetOutOfYourComfortZone #LetsMakeaChange

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Change of Mindset

The first change that we can adopt is the Change of Mind and Mindset.

With the changing times, there are high level of Stress, Anxiety and Excitement found in each of us. Be it a Celebrity or a normal individual, we all face excessive stress and excitement levels every day and hence we are prone to stress related diseases which in turn ruins our Immune Systems, Brain, Eating Habbits etc.

Before 2 days, I came across a nice article in the Entrepreneur - an online magazine, and hence sharing it here, hope it helps all of you :

  • Mindfulness is a simple, yet effective form of meditation that enables you to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviors. People who practice mindfulness are more focused, even when they are not meditating. Mindfulness is an excellent technique to reduce stress, because it allows you to stop falling out of control, to stop jumping from one thought to the next and stop ruminating on negative thoughts. Overall, its a great way to make it through your busy day in a calm and productive manner.
  • Practicing Mindfulness increases the density of brain matter where it counts. Mindfulness is perhaps the only technique that can change your brain in this way which produces a ripple of other positive effects. Thankfully, you can reap the benefits of mindfulness in as little as few minutes everyday.
  • You will soon find mindfulness is one of the very few things that are well worth your precious time and the busier you are, the more important it is to have a clear mind if you want to be productive and efficient.
  • Mindfulness doesn't have to take place in the mountains of Nepal, or a weekend retreat under a vow of silence. The beauty of the technique is that its so simple that you can do it anywhere at anytime.
  • Mindfulness is the simple act of focusing all of your attention on the present. This requires you to observe your thoughts and feelings objectively, without judgement which helps you to awaken your experience and live in the moment. This way life doesn't pass you by.  
Below are the few tips to try on Mindfulness:
  1. Focus on your breathing
  2. Go For A Walk
  3. Feel Your Body
  4. Repeat one positive thing about yourself over and over again
  5. Interrupt the Stress Cycle
Do try this and let me know your feedback.

Till we meet next, do write in your suggestions, feedbacks, comments to my mail id and also the relevant topics that you want me to write on.

#Enjoy being the change !