Monday, February 8, 2016

Lets "Propose" Peace Between India and Pakistan on Propose Day Today

Today, while I am blogging, a collegue of mine just reminded me that today, its "Propose Day" of the "Valentine's week"

Hence, I thought of blogging about propose day from a different perspective.

Whenever we think of India and Pakistan, the people on the either sides of the border gets the first impression of that of the "Enemy Nations"

Talking of Change through this blog, I thought can we change our stereo type mindset and on the occassion of "Propose Day" can we propose peace across borders ?

  • Can't we revamp our attitude towards people across borders ?
  • Can't we treat them as our friends ?
  • Don't they deserve the love and emotions like friendship ?
  • Can't we think like those people who have their relatives across borders ?
  • If music, art, entertainment don't have borders, what restricts us ?
And believe me there are people from both the nations, India and Pakistan, willing to support initiatives that build peace across borders.
Here are a few examples :

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji's "Surprise Visit to Pakistan on Mr. Nawaz Sharif's Birthday

Artist Sudarshan Pattnaik's Sand Sculpture on the Beach at Puri

And on the top of All of these, A Beautiful Message by Dr. Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere,who is a part of various across the borders peace project - Click on the link below

Panipuri and Peace - Dr. Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere

Don't these inspire us to "Propose"  Peace Across Borders and be friends with people across borders?

This will surely act as a "Food For Thought" on "Propose Day"

Lets initiate a Change in Celebration of "Propose Day" and initiate peace across borders and the world at large.

Lets #BetheChange and #Enjoybeingthechange

Do comment your feedback and spread the word if you like !

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Start-Ups - Veteran Industrialist Mr.Ratan Tata's Perspective

There is a lot more happening in the #StartUp space ever since it is promoted by the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced the StartUp Policy.

Happy to see that our Honorable Prime Minister is driving the change for an individual from being a "Job Seeker" to becoming a "Job Creator"

Veteran industrialist Mr. Ratan Tata also shared his perspective on Startups at the Invest Karnataka 2016 - Global Investors Meet where he viewed startups as "From Opportunities to Young Entrepreneurs to Consumer Satisfaction"

Courtesy : The Financial Express

  • Ratan Tata on startups: An investor in a slew of Indian and international start-ups, veteran industrialist Ratan Tata feels that "some of the valuations are pricey" and he supports those new businesses that are "really making a difference". The top industrialist is an investor in firms like Snapdeal, Kaaryah, Urban Ladder, Bluestone, CarDekho, Sabse Technologies, Xiaomi, Ola and Last month, five companies --, Tracxn, CashKaro, FirstCry and Teabox -- announced that their ventures had received funding from Tata.(AP)
    • Here are top highlights of Rata Tata's speech:
    1.  This is closely related to supporting young entrepreneurs who are doing something you respect or are in an area that you feel has been ignored. We have a consumer population of 300 million that may go up to 600 million in the years ahead."
    2. Some of the valuations are pricey. I support those who are really making a difference.
    3. By and large, I've been backing businesses in the e-commerce space because they enable goods and services to reach people who could never have been catered to in this manner before. They never got a chance previously to order what they wanted, have it delivered at their doorstep, pay when they receive it, and return it if not acceptable. This sort of reach has never been there in the brick and mortar world.

    Do share your views and insights on this !

    Be The Change, because its us - the change makers

    Girls, change your perspective - "Be Brave, Be Proud, Believe in your Abilities and be confident"

    The purpose of this blog or so to say, the vision is to make the readers and followers change their perspectives from stereo types and traditionals to a more profound, logical and positive outlook towards every facet of life and their individual personalities.

    Even in the fast paced changing times, I have observed that women even today feel that they are inferior and powerless and doubt their potentials.

    Today, I will be sharing the stories that especially inspire "Girls, Ladies, Women - who believe that they are"अबला " but actually they are the most powerful - "सबला" I am sure after going through the live cases which will follow,  Women will definitely have a change in perspective towards their personality, abilities, growth and life as a whole and they will start believing in their dreams, will make efforts to bring them to life, will become more confident and Successful.

    1. Ms. Archana Ramasundaram - First Woman Chief Of A Paramilitary Force.

    The first Indian Woman to be named First Woman Chief Of A Paramilitary Force. Congratulations to the Indian Police Service Officer, Ms. Archana Ramasundaram for being named as "Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)" Director General. 

    She is the First Indian Woman Police Officer to lead a Central Paramilitary Force that guards the country's Borders !

    Courtesy : US Embassy Of India

    2. Ms. Ambiga Dhiraj - First woman CEO of an Indian unicorn 

    Check the Entire Article from Financial Times, here Ambiga Dhiraj

    So, all the Women out there, you are the best, be confident, be efficient and be innovative !!

    Be the change, #Becauseitsusthechangemakers