Thursday, February 4, 2016

Girls, change your perspective - "Be Brave, Be Proud, Believe in your Abilities and be confident"

The purpose of this blog or so to say, the vision is to make the readers and followers change their perspectives from stereo types and traditionals to a more profound, logical and positive outlook towards every facet of life and their individual personalities.

Even in the fast paced changing times, I have observed that women even today feel that they are inferior and powerless and doubt their potentials.

Today, I will be sharing the stories that especially inspire "Girls, Ladies, Women - who believe that they are"अबला " but actually they are the most powerful - "सबला" I am sure after going through the live cases which will follow,  Women will definitely have a change in perspective towards their personality, abilities, growth and life as a whole and they will start believing in their dreams, will make efforts to bring them to life, will become more confident and Successful.

  1. Ms. Archana Ramasundaram - First Woman Chief Of A Paramilitary Force.

The first Indian Woman to be named First Woman Chief Of A Paramilitary Force. Congratulations to the Indian Police Service Officer, Ms. Archana Ramasundaram for being named as "Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)" Director General. 

She is the First Indian Woman Police Officer to lead a Central Paramilitary Force that guards the country's Borders !

Courtesy : US Embassy Of India

2. Ms. Ambiga Dhiraj - First woman CEO of an Indian unicorn 

Check the Entire Article from Financial Times, here Ambiga Dhiraj

So, all the Women out there, you are the best, be confident, be efficient and be innovative !!

Be the change, #Becauseitsusthechangemakers

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